Analysis and individual study of each athlete / client is necessary to define the objectives that will be healthy. Through planning, different macro-cycles will be prepared based on various factors (time available during the week, date of the sport event, etc.) using hard and effective training techniques but where safety is the first factor to consider.

Nowadays almost all kinds of sport that have certain competitive level require a specific preparation, apart from practicing the sport itself (football, basketball, boxing, karate, volleyball, etc …). That is why the trainings are based on the needs Individual, starting from the most basic level with the goal to have an optimal structural balance, to a preparation for sport event where the training is much more specific. One thing should be very clear.

Thanks to the prestige of Poliquin Group, athletes and users of these training systems are under the protection of one of the world’s greatest references in physical performance. The adepts of this system can benefit from the technical expertise of Poliquin HeadQuarter in Rhode Island (USA), Center of physical development where they form the champions of multitude of disciplines, offering their knowledge and results to more than 1000 trainers in the whole world.

Why strength? There is a simple answer. According to one of the definitions the strength is: “Any agent capable of modifying the amount of movement or shape of the materials”. This way we understand that in order to give shape to our body we will need an agent, simple enough, direct and effective, so that it leads us to our goal or objective in the shortest possible time. We should also keep in mind, that stereotypes about strength better be avoided such as belief that strength is to lift trucks or to do 100000 repetitions in a pulley. There are different types of strength and each type has its function within the field of performance (strength-maximum, strength-relative, hypertrophic-functional, hypertrophy, strength-resistance, etc.). The important thing is to know how to deal with the capabilities of the athlete / user, the characteristics of the sport in question in order to establish the guidelines that lead to success. It can be reducing the percentage of fat (Body Composition), increasing muscle mass (Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy), increasing the maximum strength (Powerlifiting) etc …

In the initial study mentioned in the previous point, the key element is the detection of possible structural deficiencies in both parts (upper and lower). In order to correct the deficiencies specific trainings should be carried out. They will create a solid base to maintain subsequent training routine done with complete security and confidence. This will help you to achieve your target and will also benefit other things in our life, since a correct postural health is a fundamental aspect in our daily routine, and while we are getting older will serve to prevent a multitude of injuries (diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, atrophies, shortenings, sarcopenias, etc.).


The ISSN is the most prestigious society worldwide in the field of sports performance science. The best scientists in the world publish their articles in their magazine JISSN, where they demonstrate their latest advances in such areas as hypertrophy, changes in the body composition and studies of sports supplementation effects on all types of population.

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Taking into account the latest scientific advances, together we will look for the most suitable program for your needs.

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