Personal Trainer Online

My main goal is to motivate you and provide you quality training in order to get better results. Lose weight, gain muscle, developing strength, greater power or endurance. To achieve all these I provide you a unique and personal programme, which includes a training plan and a nutrition plan.

My online training program is for you if:

You are looking for economic option:

I prepare the training program tailored to your needs and send it to you by mail, skype, or whatever channel you prefer, explaining what you have to do.

You have limited time and unstable schedule:

You can do the workouts whenever you want, but it is important that you take them seriously and do them regularly.

You want to try a new way of training:

There are thousands of mobile applications available in the market that give you “personalized” training programs online. However, these applications cannot get close to reproduce knowledge that professional trainer can provide and they do not substitute the professional advice in the development of your physical activity.

However, I will need your commitment:

In order for the programme to be useful to you, I need to know what exercises you do and how you implement the programme. The most relevant information consists in your pulsations during exercise, distance run and speed if you are running, your physical activity throughout the day, perceived strain, series, repetitions, loads, breaks during strength training, percentage of program compliance.

You need a good online coach:

Just like to have a personal trainer face to face, when choosing a personal trainer online you have to look at several aspects:

What training do I have, how can I help you?

I have been trained as a National Strength Trainer, specializing in sports performance and physical therapy in London (Uk) Rhode Island and Los Angeles (Usa), Stockholm (Sweden), Rome (Italy).

Am I specialized and experienced in the goal you want to accomplish?

Apart from specializing in sports performance and physical therapy, I am a trainer of Exxentric kBox and specialist in Sports Nutrition recognized by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

What follow-up do I offer to you? How are we going to communicate?

I suggest communicating by mail as the main channel, although I would like to follow up individually with my students, so I´m willing to get to know them and have conversation by phone, skype, etc. If you have any doubts about your training, you can always count on me.

Let’s start training?