I am Jose Carmelo and I would like to share with you the journey that has brought me here.

I was born in Barcelona, ​​in a humble and hard working family where love, laughter, values ​​and education were our daily bread.

Soon I played to change Barcelona for Palma, where I had the best childhood a child can have, hours and hours, playing non-stop, where football matches lasted until the sun went down.

I remember how I was discovering new sensations, when in the games I was thrown to the side dead of fatigue, and without coming out of my story I helped my colleagues to win the game from the band … I was 8 years old.

To this must be joined two years later, where the summer of 1990, my uncle Diego, my father’s little brother, took me for the first time to a gym, and I present a tank top that I still have.

This experience marks a turning point that would germinate in my later years, like the analogy of Japanese bamboo, was maturing inwardly along with the insecurities of adolescence, to sprout at age 16, I wanted to be a bodybuilder, but I had a problem … It weighed 57 kilos to measure 1.75 cm.

Moving from teen to teenager, it was quite a calvary, I could not find my place, academically motivated me just, I could get better grades but I did not care, just thought of taking away the complex I had because of my extreme thinness.

There was a lot of information to turn to, a thousand theories, gain weight, increase this muscle or that, I devoured every magazine that was in my hands, until the internet made an appearance.

If there is something that is my own, it is to persist and insist until I achieve what I want. Well, but in the field of the science of the human body, it is not enough. While I was able to modify my body, I was still not satisfied.

The days of trial and error, had in 2008 a crucial moment in my life, after a long time with discomfort, and various injuries, a doctor told me:

“If you want to continue playing sports, you have to operate”

It was the hardest hit on a personal level he had received so far. To see you in a bed, with the arm in a sling, not knowing if he would return not only to play sports, but to have a normal life, was an endless nightmare.

Luckily life gives us angels, in the form of doctors and physiotherapists, who help us to return not only the same as before, but better. I had to go through the same drink, touched the other shoulder, the story repeated.

And there I said the experiments are over, I must find as Bruce Lee said: “the cause of my ignorance”.

Taking as a reference my idol Bruce, I did the same within my field, look for the best schools to train me, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, etc …

As my formation was completed, my purpose, my mission was clearer:

I love helping people overcome their own limits, making them believe that what seems seemingly impossible, is actually much closer to what they believe. Using a more long-term approach, which in the short term, implying that a healthy lifestyle is better option than short-term performance, while one must adapt to the needs of each individual honestly and sincerely, Exposing the pros and cons of each situation.

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