The conditioning classes are based on circuits mutiestaciones, where we work the whole body (full body workout).

This option is highly accepted lately, because each user regardless of their level of experience or intensity that wants to involve in the exercise, can match in the same class, fostering group dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

Strongman Modified

StrongMan classes are based on strength exercises, applied to the improvement of a certain physical aspect, such as boosting anaerobic resistance, improving body composition, gaining power, etc.

The armies are explosive, hard and very diverse, the sessions also intense and create a brutal group dynamics, because many exercises are done as a team, creating an ideal atmosphere where confidence, camaraderie and collective sacrifice, make you feel at home. One, an entire Marine of special forces and bodies.

This system is having a brutal boom, being represented in films such as Batman & Superman, where Ben Afleck performs the typical hammer, truck wheel, etc. exercises.

If you like new sensations, meet new people, and take your body to another level, it is the training you are looking for.

I’m waiting for you!